What is patron validation?

Online casino companies might ask for proof that you are real to ensure you are authentic. This is a fairly common practice in the sector and there is no reason to worry. It’s simple. You simply need to submit certain documentation to prove your identity. This may be necessary in cases where there have been unusual activity or large wins. After your identity is confirmed, you won’t be allowed to withdraw any winnings.

What is your legal gambling age?

The legal age limit to gamble at online casinos is 21 years old. Gambling or playing in online casinos is strictly prohibited for anyone under 21. The casino is open to minors, but they cannot play. The minimum age to enter certain online lottery and free-to play games is 18. Always check the operator’s website.

What is geolocation exactly?

Geolocation allows users to be identified by their location and allow them to access specific sites. This is used in online casinos to confirm that the user is actually in a legal gambling state. Many companies use software or a plugin to allow them to track a customer’s location. This allows them to ensure that they do not violate any law by allowing anyone who lives in a state with online gambling restrictions to play.

How do you withdraw?

The process of withdrawing money is the same as making a deposit to your online casinos account. You will need to log in to your account. Next, choose the amount that is most convenient for you. Click submit to have your withdrawal processed and transferred into your account. In most cases, the withdrawal will be processed by the same method as the deposit. The withdrawal time is subject to some rules at online casinos. This is done to make sure that transactions are safe before money is released.